We work in the Tritana valley, whose name derives from the river Tritan (from the Greek «triple source», current Tirino river), which originates from three sources (Capodacqua, Lago and Presciano) all located in the territory of Capestrano. The name of our line "Aufinum" it is dedicated to the flourishing and populous city of Aufinum which, in Roman times, was a cultural center of reference and home to a renowned philosophical school. It contains all the wine-growing and cultural varieties of our land. A territory that is recognized as one of the oldest settlements of the Montepulciano d'Abruzzo vine, which finds its main reason for identity in the agricultural economy.

CapodacquaLago e Presciano: the three sources of the Tirino river

OfenaWe live and work in Ofena, an ancient village whose history has its roots in antiquity, with evidence of human settlements dating back to the prehistoric period. However, it is in the Roman period that Ofena emerges as a significant centre. Its name derives from the Vestino urban agglomeration which developed near Capestrano from the name Aufinum.During Roman times, it was an important city along the Via Claudia Nova, one of the main Roman road arteries connecting Rome to the Adriatic. Aufinum it prospered thanks to its strategic position and the presence of natural resources in the surrounding region. Numerous archaeological testimonies, such as mosaics, tombs and remains of buildings, testify to the importance and wealth of the city in that period.

BiodiversityThe Tritana Valley, in the center of Abruzzo, is characterized by a rich biodiversity that embraces a variety of natural habitats. This area has considerable ecological diversity due to its geographical position.The sustainable management of this biodiversity is of fundamental importance to preserve the ecological balance of our Valley. Conservation efforts and the promotion of sustainable agricultural practices help maintain this biological wealth for future generations.

FloraThe valley is home to a wide range of plant species. The mountain slopes and river banks provide ideal conditions for the growth of a variety of trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants. From oak and chestnut forests to flowering prairies along the shores, the flora contributes to the region's scenic beauty and ecological diversity.

FaunaThe Tritana Valley is a rich habitat for wildlife. Among the animals present you can find mammals such as wild boars, roe deer, wolves, foxes and hares. The Tirino river is known for its native trout population, which contributes to aquatic biodiversity. Birds of prey, such as the peregrine falcon, can be spotted in higher altitude areas.

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